Statement of Qualifications

Major Projects Completed Within The Last Three Years

Environmental Remediation Experience


Cement Plant, Leeds, Alabama

Plant expansion. Project involved the construction of a temporary staging area for the storage of Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) for transportation and disposal. The CKD was removed to allow for a creek re-location and plant expansion.
Total estimated value: $1,300,000.00

Pet Foods Manufacturer, Birmingham, Alabama

Plant Closure. Project included the removal of raw materials and cleaning of the silos to allow for the plant closure.
Total estimated value: $130,000.00

Rail Road Supplier, Bessemer, Alabama

Plant Closure. Project included the removal of heavy metal contaminated soils. The project entailed the excavation, transportation and disposal soils to assist in the closure of the plant.
Total estimated value: $175,000.00

Bridge and Iron Facility, Birmingham, Alabama

Brownfields expansion. Project included the removal of soils contaminated with heavy metals to clear the site for future use for potential airport expansion.
Total estimated value: $ 180,000.00

Mill Closure Cleanup, Anniston, Alabama

Brownfields expansion. Project included the removal of petroleum impacted soils and soils contaminated with heavy metals and asbestos.
Total estimated value: $ 210.000.00

Metal Castings Facility, Anniston, Alabama

Plant closing and decommissioning. Project involved loading, transportation and disposal of hazardous and nonhazardous foundry related wastes including baghouse dust, foundry sand, paint and other process chemicals. Cleaning of storage process vessels to comply with RCRA 90-day closure regulations, cleaning and decommissioning of numerous above ground storage tanks and containment areas. Demolition of selected structures.
Total estimated value: $290.000.00

Specialty Roofing Chemicals Company, Birmingham, Alabama

90-Day RCRA Closing. Project involved the cleaning and decommissioning of process storage vessels to comply with RCRA 90-day closure regulations.
Transportation and disposal of waste was managed by Honeywell. Project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
Total estimated value: $300,000.00

Metals Foundry, Anniston, Alabama

Excavation, loading and transportation of paint / solvent-impacted soils. Project was conducted under the direction of Highland Technical Services, Birmingham, Alabama following a closure plan approved by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.
Total estimated value: $90,000.00

Steel Producer, Birmingham, Alabama

Excavation of sediment from foundry settling pond and drainage ditches. Loading, transportation and disposal of sediment following removal.
Total estimated value: $44,000.00

Facilities Cleaning, Oxford, Alabama

Routine cleaning and sludge removal of chemical vats and sumps at an army maintenance facility. Work is conducted monthly. Approximately half the work is conducted in permit required confined space, using supplied air respirators. Action also provides waste transportation services.
Total estimated value: $100,000.00

Commercial Lending Bank, Birmingham, Alabama

Closure of chemical production facility in the Birmingham area. Prepare and implement Closure Plan for abandoned chemical processing facility. Sampling and analysis of unidentified chemicals in tanks and various sized containers. Preparation of containers for shipment to licensed TSDF's, transportation and disposal. Preparation of all waste profiles, shipping documents and closure certification documents.
Total Estimated Value: $38,000.00

Technology Development firm, Bessemer, Alabama and Jacksonville, Florida

Interior cleaning of above ground storage tanks used to hold resin used in the manufacture of sewer relining materials. Permit-required confined space work. Action provides characterization, transportation and disposal of all waste materials generated in cleaning process. Tanks are cleaned annually as part of Insituform Technologies' QA / QC program.
Total estimated value: $47,000.00

Environmental Consultant., Birmingham, Alabama

Removal, transportation and disposal of mercury-impacted soil from crawl spaces beneath residential structures. Confined Space (non-permit required) work is conducted as mercury-impacted areas are revealed by testing and analyses. Work is conducted monthly. It is estimated that 18 to 24 contaminated sites will be completed in 2005.
Total estimated annual value: $100,000.00

Gas Distribution Company, Prairie, Mississippi

Cleaning of natural gas pipeline coalescing separators to allow for semi-annual corrosion inspection. Project involves opening of pressure vessels, removal of internal vanes, cleaning and reassembly of separator system, transportation and disposal of all generated waste materials.
Total estimated annual value: $80,000.00

Wheel Manufacturing Company, Cullman, Alabama

Vacuum spent machining coolant and metal turnings from coolant recovery system. Provide bulk transportation and disposal by stabilization and landfilling.
Total estimated annual value: $20,000.00

Cement Manufacturer, Calera, Alabama

Characterization, transportation and disposal of waste lubricants, and spent laboratory solvents. Services are performed quarterly.
Total estimated annual value: $12,000.00

Pipe Company, Inc., Birmingham, Alabama

Cleaning and removal of hardened bituminous coatings from collection sump in a ductile iron pipe foundry. Off-shift, after-hours, and Holiday work performed during shut down of coating operations. Jackhammer, spade and shovel work in confined space.
Total estimated annual value: $20,000.00

Chemical Distribution Company, Guntersville, Alabama

Cleaning of oil-water separator and storm drains in a petroleum re-packaging facility. Collection of oily wastewater, transportation and disposal.
Total estimated annual value: $10,000.00

Civil Construction Projects

County Road Maintenance, Blount County, Alabama

Grading & ditching of storm drainage to upgrade Blount County road.
Total estimated value: $85,000.00

Mine Reclamation, Jefferson County, Alabama

Abandoned Mine Lands Reclamation Project. Grading, drainage, and re-vegetation of 31 acres. 185,000 yds3 of earth moved and replaced.
Total estimated value: $250,000.00

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Remediation


Air Production Company, Decatur, Alabama

Cut and remove concrete pavement, inert tank headspace with CO2, cut & cap underground piping at building foundation, excavate 1,000 gallon UST, flush UST and piping, containerize waste, analyze and dispose of accordingly.
Total estimated value: $3,500.00

Bank, Cullman Alabama

Break concrete loading dock to expose tank, inert tank headspace according to API protocol, excavate 1,000 gallon UST, transport and decommission tank, backfill excavation site with rubble and soils from site.
Total estimated value: $3,225.00

Environmental Consultant, Hoover, Alabama

Break and excavate concrete pavement and soils to expose two 6,000 gallon UST's, stockpile excavated soils on poly sheeting on site for later reuse, inert headspace according to API protocol, excavate tanks, load and transport for decommissioning, backfill and level excavation.
Total estimated value: $6,200.00

Environmental Consultant, Birmingham, Alabama

Inert one 10,000 gallon diesel fuel UST with CO2 , excavate and remove same, stockpile excavated soil onsite, load and transport UST for decommissioning, sample soils and submit for analysis, backfill excavation with 100% crushed stone.
Total estimated value: $7,615.00

Environmental Consultant, York, AL

Excavate one 1,000 gallon UST, stockpile excavated soils on polyethylene sheeting and sample, transport UST for decommissioning, over-excavate two sides of excavation with TPH concentrations >100ppm., stockpile on polyethylene sheeting and cover with same, sample soils and submit to laboratory for analysis, backfill excavation with stone, saw-cut edges of existing asphalt parking lot, formed and poured concrete pad over UST site, load, transport and dispose of 44 tons of petroleum impacted soils at approved landfill.
Total estimated value: $9,350.00

Environmental Consultant, Dothan, Alabama

Vacuum approximately 1,700 gallons of petroleum contact water from UST, transport and dispose of same at CWT, inert headspace in UST with CO2 , excavate and stockpile soils, load and transport tank for decommissioning, backfill excavation with soils and clean #57 stone, compact soils, and re-sod site.
Total estimated value: $9,100.00

Environmental Consultant, Gadsden, Alabama

Uncover site with backhoe to reveal location of abandoned 8,000 gallon UST, empty fuel from tank with vacuum tanker, return recovered fuel to Action's yard in Hanceville for transfer to bulk transporter pending disposal approval, inert headspace in UST, excavate and stockpile soils from site, remove, load and transport tank for decommissioning, backfill excavation with clean stone, relocate spoils from Gadsden Mall to Old Sears & Roebuck Store, transport recovered fuel and water to petroleum reclamation facility for management.
Total estimated value: $8,627.00, less credit of $2,250.00 for recovered fuel.