Statement of Qualifications

Action Environmental’s employees are among the highest trained level of employees in the industry.  From our New Hire Training Programs to our Advanced Level Training and In-House Train-the -Trainer Programs, the Company shows its commitment to the safety of our employees.

Action Environmental has several OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers for 10 and 30 hour courses (a basic requirement of newly hired employees), MSHA Competent Trainers, and Explosive Awareness Trainers, along with Certified HazWoper Instructors.   We at Action Environmental also perform our own Respiratory Fit Testing, Permit Required Confined Space Training and First Aid/CPR Training.

Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Program goes well beyond the industry and DOT minimum requirements.

Refresher and Annual Training classes are held throughout the year, along with new and updated training as necessary to maintain the highest level of compliance and keep current training certifications.

Job/Task Specific Training meetings using the Job Safety Plan as a guide are held before any job begins, and before any work is started.

Major areas of training for Action Environmental Employee’s:


  • OSHA 10 – 30 Hour General Industry
  • Hazwoper 8 to 40 Hour Training
  • Confined Space Entrant, Attendant & Supervisor
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • First Aid/CPR
  • First Responder
  • Hazard Communication
  • Pipe Line Training (AOC)


  • Explosive Awareness and Handling
  • IDLH Atmospheric Training
  • SCBA
  • Supplied Air
  • APR
  • High Pressure Hydro Blasting
  • Ultra High Pressure Hydro Blasting
  • Emergency Response and Spill Cleanup



Action Environmental is a proud member of:


  • ISNetworld
  • The National Safety Council
  • PICS
  • The Water Jet Technology Association
  • PowerSafe
  • And many other qualifying third party agencies and industry organizations.


We are also very excited about fielding craft, safety and leadership training from The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) with a graduate Master Trainer.


This list is not all inclusive; for a complete listing of Specialized Training please contact:


Steven Vickers

Corporate Safety Director

Office: 256-401-0590

Cell: 205-639-3096